Born from a design idea by Impart is a kitchen that invites you to design your spaces with supreme freedom. This is made possible by the special design of the groove opening, which transforms a technical detail such as the handle, a fundamental element that improves user experience in the kitchen, into an aesthetic detail. In addition to the convenient opening action and easy handling of the door, the handle’s linear appearance enriches the composition with a light, contemporary style. Among designers, Phoenix is one of the most popular kitchen models on the market; they appreciate its flexibility and the customisation options of the overall design and finishes.

  • Technical data



Door thickness

26 mm - 1”

Top Thickness

6-12-20-30-40-52 mm

Base units opening type

With Profile

1 Base units

2 Wall units

3 Panel under wall unit, linear elements

4 Plinths, linear elements

5 Finishing sides, complementary elements

6 Tops, linear elements

7 Backsplashes, linear elements

9 Back panels, linear elements

10 Shaker, accessorized backs, linear elements

11 Deep Shaker, accessorized backs, linear elements

11 Wall panelling and shelves, linear elements

Spessore anta 26 mm bordo apertura con modanatura e maniglia integrata laterale

  • Lacquer
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Metalic lacquer

    04 Ramer
    01 Bronzo
    04 Ramer
    05 Ottone
    Metallic lacquer
    Mat lacquer
    Embossed lacquer


    Fossil Oak
    Black ash
    Grey Oak painted
    Cenere Oak
    Black Elm


    Scotch Brite